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The Vintage Gamer #13: Acquire (BG)

   Posted by: Jim   in Board games, Podcasts

This week, the classic game of mergers and acquisitions: Sid Sackson’s Acquire.
So take a break from your ticker tape, or cancel your plans to defenestrate, and give a listen.
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This week, both The Fury of Dracula and Fury of Dracula, the horror hunt game from Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight. Pull up a comfy chair, it’s a long one. Because of that, I’ve added times to the show notes so you can skip around a bit, if you want.
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Older games sale at

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As part of their push to clean out inventory, ToysRUs/Amazon has been selling items at a discount. Of interest to vintage gamers, Acquire is on sale for $39.99, and Cosmic Encounter is on sale for $29.99.

Unfortunately, Diplomacy is still unavailable. A travesty.