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Return to Dark Castle Demo

   Posted by: Jim   in Computer games

I apparently missed this when I reported on Return to Dark Castle a few months ago. Joe Williams of Delta Tao published a link to the latest Mac demo on his blog. It’s got a few interface glitches (which may be due to the fact that I’m running under Rosetta) but it’s the old familiar feel.

I also apparently missed the fact that you can play it on your cell phone, via the current rights holder, SuperHappyFunFun. Hence the discussions to publish the new Mac version. Hopefully they can work all that out and we’ll see Return to Dark Castle soon.


Appearance on Geeklabel Radio

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In addition to the podcasting panel, I had the honor and pleasure to participate in Geeklabel Radio #50, recorded at Origins. Along with the usual hosts — The Vicar, The Kingfish, and Billy Flynn — there was also my wife Mur Lafferty (of many podcasts), Victor from Fistful of Comics and Games, and Chris Miller and K.J. of The House of the Harping Monkey.

The Vicar and The Kingfish are great guys, you should really go buy a t-shirt

It being the second year in a row, I now present the traditional recording of the gaming podcasters panel. The panel this year was organized by Scott Nicholson, and featured board game podcasters. Sorry about the delay on this — I used two recorders to get full coverage of the panel so there was some post-production involved.
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Origins 2007 appearances

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I had originally planned to do a show before Origins, but it looks like time is against me. So this post is to let you know that I’ll be at Origins this year, as usual. I expect to spend a fair amount of time in the Board Room, and probably wandering the show floor. Or you can go to the board game podcasters panel: it’s Saturday at 10am. Thanks to Scott Nicholson (Board Games with Scott) for organizing that.

For those who like swag, I’m bringing Vintage Gamer minibuttons — if you want one, you can either catch me or go by the podcasting booth in the exhibit hall.

And the kid will be with us, so if you run into Mur or I, you might meet the little princess as well…

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