The Vintage Gamer #33: Illuminati

   Posted by: Jim   in Card games, Podcasts

Oh my stars and garters, it’s another Vintage Gamer! This time I cover the 80s conspiracy game, Illuminati. Lie to your friends, stab them in the back, all to take over the world (sounds like Diplomacy — or a bizarre version of Lifeboats). All this, plus some Vintage Gamer news and feedback!

Show Notes:

I’m at Balticon and have to run to a panel… show notes tomorrow.

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Jim, I think I have the answers we’ve been seeking! My contact within the Goldfish Fanciers has put me onto a Semi-conscience Liberation Army secret study that PROVES the ideal aluminum foil-hat shape for protection against the Orbital Mind Control Lasers! It turns out that the pyramid shape isn’t the best as I assumed. The fool I’ve been! The answer has been right in front of me! In actuality it’s *CENSORED*

Enough for now, I think “THEY” suspect. I’ve probably endangered both of us as it is. Let’s change the drop-point to the secondary location at ‘you know where’.

All Hail Eris. Fnord.

May 25th, 2008 at 5:10 pm

Great review! However, I’m surprised you didn’t mention that fact that the rules actively encourage you to cheat…as long as the rest of the players don’t catch you at it! Of course that might just be a sinister rumor started by the mighty Power Gamer Cabal. Good thing I have the Rules Lawyers in my network!

June 9th, 2008 at 6:41 pm

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