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At long last, the annual Origins episode of The Vintage Gamer. As this is the third year, this officially makes it a cherished tradition. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) there was no podcasters panel so instead I went around and did some interviews at some of the small press booths. A big “Thank You” to all who participated — if what you hear interests you, please support them with your dollars.

For a fuller picture of the show, I recommend you check out The Spiel Origins episode for a lot more show floor interviews, and the Dice Tower Origins episode for more info and a nice interview with (Spiel des Jahres winner!) Reiner Knizia.

Featured interviews:

Pictures of my trip to Origins including most of these folks can be found on my flickr feed. You can also see the lovely new sewer line.


The Vintage Gamer #33: Illuminati

   Posted by: Jim   in Card games, Podcasts

Oh my stars and garters, it’s another Vintage Gamer! This time I cover the 80s conspiracy game, Illuminati. Lie to your friends, stab them in the back, all to take over the world (sounds like Diplomacy — or a bizarre version of Lifeboats). All this, plus some Vintage Gamer news and feedback!

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The Vintage Gamer #31: Nuclear War

   Posted by: Jim   in Card games, Podcasts

Back from the abyss with an actual game review show. This time I talk about the darkly humorous game Nuclear War, designed by Doug Malewicki and published by Flying Buffalo, Inc. I also cover what’s been happening with me over the past few months, discuss some recent gaming news (vintage and otherwise), and talk about possibilities for future shows.
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And right on the heels of the last episode, a Halloween-themed show, where I cover some vintage board and card games with horror themes.
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This week on The Vintage Gamer, there is a distinctly non-vintage theme as I review or give impressions of many of the games I saw at Origins. A bit late in coming, but hopefully still appreciated. Start your timers as I cover 14 games in about half an hour…
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My Origins report show is coming soon, but until then, enjoy this recording that I made of the Saturday podcasting panel, organized by Paul Tevis. The panelists were:

Paul Tevis (Have Games, Will Travel)
Mike Sugarbaker (OgreCave Audio Report)
The Mad Three (Gamer: The Podcasting)
Don Dehm (Pulp Gamer)
Yours truly
Tom Vasel (The Dice Tower)
Mike Stackpole (Podcast Entertainment Network)

Many thanks to Paul Tevis for organizing this — it was fun! But boy, can podcasters talk…

This week, I go back to old card games, and cover Parker Brother’s Pit (currently published by Winning Moves), and its predecessor Gavitt’s Stock Exchange (currently published by Out of the Box).
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The Vintage Gamer #1: Rook (CG)

   Posted by: Jim   in Card games, Podcasts

In this episode, I discuss the card game Rook, originally published by Parker Brothers in 1906 and now available from Winning Moves (you can also buy the non-deluxe version from Hasbro).
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